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Residence: Under your bed... >:}
Favourite genre of music: I don't have one. I love so many types of music. Some genres I really
like include blues, classical, alternative, rock, metal, and swing. :meow:
Operating System: A Tin can with some wires threaded through it, powered by the magical of
ninety nine kishin souls and the soul of one evil witch
Favorite Quote: "If I've ever learned anything, it's that there's always more to learn."
Other Favorite Quote: "Time was wasted, but wisdom was gained."
Another Quote: "I'm so confident in my ability to fail that I'm almost
uncomfortable with success."

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My Week Off

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 10:10 PM
What started out as a day off due to personal issues turned into about a week off due to internet drops because the service at the house I'm staying in SUCK SO BAD. 

But you know, I kind of needed a few days. My tendinitis was getting really bad there, and a week off can really do me some good, give my body time to heal. Besides that, I was going crazy with my brain working overtime on art and stuff... having a few days of doing absolutely nothing made me feel like I had a damned vacation. One of the stressful things about working on commission is the pressure to get all the details right, the struggle to be perfect for your clients.

But I'm ready to resurface, to pick up my projects. I may have one more day of me-time, depending on whether or not my internet wants to play nice tomorrow, but I'm definitely back. 

I think this describes how I feel:


So yeah, sorry again about being absent for this past week, but I needed it, and some of it wasn't exactly by choice... I can't wait to move out out of this house and into an area that offers better internet service. I'll be catching up on all my backlogged messages, but feel free to contact me anytime! 

Much love,

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: "Brass Monkey" ~ Beastie Boys
  • Watching: Dexter - Season 8, Episode 11


|||| 6 / 10 CURRENT SLOTS FILLED|||||

There is no limit to how many slots you may occupy at once, but be aware that if you are hogging all my slots, I may tell you I need to do work for others first.

Most work is streamed on my , so you can always check and see what I'm up to. Be aware I do have personal projects I need to work on between commissions. Anything listed as (Private) will not be streamed. Note me about private commissions.

:bulletgreen: = currently working on
:bulletblue: = on deck (next to get worked on)
:bulletorange: = reserved
:bulletpink: = open for taking

||||| Current Commission Slots|||||

:bulletgreen: "Where is your Scythe now, Grell?" for Sitrax
:bulletblue: "Belts serve many purposes" for Sitrax
:bulletorange: Sebby and Zara for HinataFox790
:bulletorange: Portrait, for Ehris2951
:bulletorange: "Self Reflection" for Jayjay4578
:bulletorange: [To Be Determined] for Eme
:bulletpink: --OPEN--
:bulletpink: --OPEN--
:bulletpink: --OPEN--
:bulletpink: --OPEN--

If you would like to get on the commission list you have to send a slot-reserving payment as directed by me. Usually the payment required to be on the commission list will be either a base price (for hourly work), half the total price (for pre-determined prices between $20 and $50), or the full amount ($5-10 projects). :points: Points commissions will always require ALL :points: to be transfered before I put you on the list.

I'm very easy to work with and try to get things done in a timely manner, so you should see updates for this list. Meow Love by prettypunkae


||||| Are you a writer in need of an editor? |||||

If so, you're in luck! I do freelance editorial work for works written in the English language!

If you are interested in having me do edit work or wish to receive a sample of my work, please read the information below before sending me a :note: note to discuss!

Types of editorial work I currently do:

(This involves sentence structure, mandatory word and phrase choice, punctuation, etc.)


:bulletpurple:Special descriptions and phrasings
(This is more "decorative" editing, usually involves making the text more exciting or appealing to the reader).

:bulletpurple:Person and Tensing
(This involves making changes to the writing to either suit first/third person or past/present tenses)

||||| Slots Key |||||

:bulletgreen: Currently working on
:bulletblue: On Deck
:bulletorange: Reserved
:bulletpink: --OPEN--

I will only work on three editorial projects at once. This is to avoid confusion and allow me to better focus on each project.

||||| Current Slots 0 / 3 |||||

:bulletpink: --OPEN--
:bulletpink: --OPEN--
:bulletpink: --OPEN--

||||| PRICES |||||

I do not start paid editorial work until I receive an agreed amount of money in Paypal. I currently do NOT accept :points: for editorial work.

$5 for a page
$10 for 3 pages
$15 for 5 pages
$20 for 10 pages
Discuss for longer projects. (They'll usually be done in sections, either by chapters or by a set number of pages.)

Name some colors and what you associate with them! 

8 deviants said {{Comment}} :heart:


Cool points can be used to redeem small projects. Earn points for mini contests and spontaneous things while I stream or by winning mini contests and finding Easter eggs on dA!

**IMPORTANT**: Cool points are not affiliated with the :devart: :points: system! Cool points are redeemable for private projects from ME only.

500 = A Cookie
800 = Other Sweet
5,000 = Simple Line art sketch
10,000 = Simple Colored + Shaded Sketch


Brainfishes: 300
Jfrosty42: 800
Emerald_Swift: 500
Psifour: 500
Geraldov19: 500
SongOfCrow: 350
EricFaries: 200

Earn points to get your name here!

Misc work I've got to do~


So this is my miscellaneous project list. On this list are things like contest prizes I have to give out or spontaneous gifts, etc. These kinds of projects come second to commissioned work, but they should still get done fairly quickly. :D

Most work is streamed on my , so you can always check and see what I'm up to. Be aware I do have personal projects I need to work on between commissions and misc. work. Anything listed as (Private) will not be streamed. Note me about private projects.

:bulletgreen: = currently working on
:bulletblue: = on deck (next to get worked on)
:bulletpink: = on the list of things to do

||||| MY MISC. PROJECTS|||||

:bulletgreen: Thief game concept art
:bulletblue: Ravenheart Sketch for Dontayy (prize)
:bulletpink: Use a random generator to pick six winners for the 500 JTV followers thing (Nope, I haven't forgotten about this! I just haven't had time to work on it yet! :XD:)


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514 / 4,796
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I'm collecting points for the group I run! It's called Make-Your-Dreams and is a group dedicated to sharing art from all kinds of artists and providing a friendly atmosphere for people to hang out on deviantART.

We're looking to upgrade to a premium/super group. To do that, we need to collect as many points as possible. A year's subscription is 4,796 points, but collecting more points for future payments would be ideal! Help us out! <3

You must be logged in to donate.


Phoenixrisen Website:


For those of you who didn't know, I own and run a set of 24/7 Dedicated Minecraft servers! :D

:bulletgreen: Survival Minecraft:
:bulletblue: Creative Minecraft:

We take pride in our diverse and friendly community, mature staff, and regular community-based events that keep things interesting! :D

The community isn't just here for minecraft though! People in the community play a number of games, and there is even a small but slowly growing art community there!If you're interested in a fun-loving social and gaming community, check us out!

Note when you register, your forum account will automatically get member, but you will need to wait to acquire member in game on the survival server. You can speed up the process by sending a staff member a message on the forums or in game. Moderator+ can promote guests to members! (:


Small Animated Emoticon
Meow Bounce by prettypunkae
Meow Rainbow by prettypunkae
Star Rainbow by prettypunkae
Meow Love by prettypunkae
:llamalove: by prettypunkae
Mario Mushroom Rainbow! by prettypunkae
These are also small (100x100 pixel or smaller) but are animated! Average cost for one of these is 100 points. Depending on the difficulty, I may ask for more, but these are generally just something I can do pretty quick and are a lot of fun! small heart - pink by prettypunkae
Small Static Emoticon
Meow Evil by prettypunkae
small heart - teal by prettypunkae
Zelda - Link Sword by prettypunkae
Mandy by prettypunkae
Meow Pink by prettypunkae
The Rada Rank by prettypunkae
These fall under the category of being small (100x100 pixel or smaller) and are not animated. I happily do these for very little cost. Prices for these average 30-50 points. Just let me know what you're interested in! small heart - light orange by prettypunkae
Do You Think I'm Sweet? by prettypunkae
It's tea time! by prettypunkae
Cutie Cass by prettypunkae
Whee! by prettypunkae
Play with me? by prettypunkae
Sandwich for Kaoz by prettypunkae
Sweets are cute, sweet, and simple. They can be food related or little chibi style drawings of people or characters.

I do sweets on impulse just for fun, but I also do them for points or RL cash. Sweets are $3 USD or the equivalent in points. Price variation only has to do with how much work is put into them.

Prices for sweets are negotiable. If you want one really bad, just note me, and we'll sort it out. ;3
Simple Lineart, Speedpaints, and Sketches
Annabelle Lobster ( Line Art) by prettypunkae
Ravenheart Sketch by prettypunkae
Bender's Five Favorite Words by prettypunkae
Think of stuff that looks nice but isn't that detailed or big. If it takes a lot of time or detail, it doesn't qualify as a Simple picture.

Simple Art prices vary, but the average is around $7.50 or equivalent in points.

Again, prices are usually negotiable. Just talk to me. :meow:
Detailed Work
Miss SpiderBot by prettypunkae
Heather Saves The World by prettypunkae
Jinx by prettypunkae
Sea Siren by prettypunkae
Ava the dark elf by prettypunkae
Is She Really All That Evil? II by prettypunkae
Detailed work is anything that takes a bit of time to complete, is moderately to very large, or has a lot of detail.

Prices for detailed work vary. Please refer to my commission info page for reference. $25 is an average price for such work.

   <-- Get ALL the commission infos!


im in need^ ^
Sat Mar 15, 2014, 9:16 PM
*points pz?
Sat Mar 15, 2014, 9:16 PM
All the points!
Fri Mar 14, 2014, 5:34 AM
And you're welcome, pyramid! :D
Thu Mar 13, 2014, 8:40 PM
Hah yeah sitrax collected on the points XD
Thu Mar 13, 2014, 8:40 PM


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